Test your knowledge of the Netherlands!
Below are ten questions about our country. Do you know all the ten correct answers? Answer the questions and see how well you know the Netherlands! Refresh the page to get ten different questions!

  • What's the Dutch name for the House of Representatives?

  • Philipsburg is the capital of:

  • In which town can we find the Efteling?

  • Which author wrote the stories about the little rabbit Miffy?

  • In which year was Willem-Alexander inaugurated as King?

  • From what neighbouring country does the Rhine flow into the Netherlands?

  • What is celebrated on the 5th of May (Liberation Day)?

  • Which of the inventions below is not a Dutch invention?

  • In which of the municipalities listed below is Frisian an official language?

  • What is the name of the boy travelling back and forth in time, in both the novel and the film "Crusade in Jeans"?